Forage Only Goes So Far!

Are your animals getting what they need from their feed? Vitamins and Minerals are crucial in maintaining the body systems of your animals. Unfortunately, average forage quality doesn't always meet these needs. Even a slight deficiency, whether causing recognizable symptoms or not, can greatly reduce their productivity. Our products replace those lost nutrients, and help you achieve optimal health. If you'd like to unlock the potential of your animals, Key-Lix Supplements will bring results!

Where Quality Comes Standard!

We have over 75 years of experience crafting the finest supplements on the market! Right from the start we've been dedicated to creating products that will bring you great results!

Better Absorbtion

Key-Lix products utilize Chelated Minerals for better absorbancy. These result is an absorbtion rate up to six times higher, lowering your feed costs!

No Harsh Chemicals

Key-Lix Supplements are low moisture, with a cooked molasses base. We never use chemical hardeners or cheap fillers, ensuring you always get a high quality tub.

Love in every Lick

We take great care in crafting every tub with the finest quality. We use only the best ingredients, and formulate them for maximum feed efficiency.

Key-Lix Success Stories

"Our cows and sheep love their Key-Lix tubs! It really helps boost their immunity and their energy level"

-Clay Mitchell DVM of Richmond, Utah

"Since using Key-Lix products, we have had high conception rates with our cows, our calves are healthy and don’t have scour issues."

-Scott Wilkinson of Smithfield, Utah

"I offer Key-Lix to all the horses in my care as well as my personal horses... I have noticed a huge difference in all the horses on the product. Their hair coats, hoof quality and general health have all improved so much... Making the change to use Key-Lix Products was a huge benefit to everyone in my herd. Thanks!!"

-Ashten Hutton of Westcliffe, Colorado
Manager at A Painted View Ranch

"I have raised and bred Performance Quarter Horses for over 40 years. I buy the best hay one time a year for consistency. That's not enough without Key-Lix supplements available to them 24-7!"

-Rob Zimmerman of Mesa, Arizona